Web and SEO Guru Overview

Web and SEO guru is an internet marketing and website design company geared to small and medium sized businesses that want to avail themselves of the internet market to get customers in the door or their products sold.

We have experience in designing and building websites for all types of businesses including medical and chiropractor clinics, major events, non-profit organizations, auto repair shops, collision shops, and business to business services – just to name a few.

History of Web and SEO Guru

Web and SEO Guru Founder, Matteo Galbiati, spent a big portion of his life consulting businesses on management and marketing techniques, including internet marketing.

Having helped many companies getting their presence known on the internet it became obvious that the biggest obstacle was that there was no affordable service that would take a medium sized business through the whole process of getting online. There were many companies that would provide one piece of this service, such as Website Designers, internet marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Social Networks Marketing but how about someone that would just take care of the whole thing?

To make it easy for any business owner to fully utilize the internet he founded Web and SEO Guru.

To this date this is still our main purpose.

Areas We Service

We will build any US and international website but due to the languages spoken by our SEO crew we will provide Search Engine Optimization only for the following states and Countries: Alabama US, Alaska US, Arizona US, Arkansas US, California US, Colorado US, Connecticut US, Delaware US, Florida US, Georgia US, Hawaii US, Idaho US, Illinois US, Indiana US, Iowa US, Kansas US, Kentucky US, Louisiana US, Maine US, Maryland US, Massachusetts US, Michigan US, Minnesota US, Mississippi US, Missouri US, Montana US, Nebraska US, Nevada US, New Hampshire US, New Jersey US, New Mexico US, New York US, North Carolina US, North Dakota US, Ohio US, Oklahoma US, Oregon US, Pennsylvania US, Rhode Island US, South Carolina US, South Dakota US, Tennessee US, Texas US, Utah US, Vermont US, Virginia US, Washington US, West Virginia US, Wisconsin US, Wyoming US, English speaking Canada, England, Australia and Italy.